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Privacy Policy

1 - Our commitments

DATA RING is committed to respecting the privacy of every person whose personal data it processes.

Aware of this commitment, DATA RING Association has adopted strong measures to ensure an appropriate level of protection for your data, in particular by respecting the principles of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default.

The purpose of this data protection policy is to explain how we use your data and to inform you of your data protection rights.


2 - Our identity and contact details

The person responsible for processing your personal data is the DAT RING Association, an association constituted under the law of 1er July 1901, whose registered office is at 40, rue du Japon, 31400 Toulouse (hereinafter referred to as "the Association").

If you have any questions about this policy or our use of your personal data more generally, please contact us via the contact form on the website or via the following email address:


3 - What personal data do we process?

In particular, we process the personal data of our members, candidate members, our management team, guests of the Association, suppliers, visitors to our website and, more generally, any person with whom we come into contact in the course of our business.

The data concerning you in this context may thus include, in particular, your name, your contact details (e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, etc.), any information useful for the proper management of your membership and our exchanges in the context of your potential investment in the Association, as well as any information of a personal nature provided or otherwise generated in the context of our interactions.

In general, we try to limit the personal information we process to what is strictly necessary to provide you with activities within the Association in accordance with its purpose. The DATA RING Association favours an approach of proportionality and minimisation of the data processed. We ensure that the data we collect and process is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes of the processing in question.

At the time of collection of personal data, we will inform you whether or not the information requested is optional (whether for legal or contractual reasons) and the possible consequences of your refusal to provide the information on our ability to provide the services offered.


4 - How and why do we use your personal data?

Our main activities for processing your personal data, as well as their purposes and the grounds on which they are processed, are detailed below:




Review of your information requests :

We analyze, sort and classify your information when we first become aware of your interest in our services.

Managing the contact requests we receive.

The consent of the person who contacted us.

Membership management :

In the course of managing membership, we may process personal data of our members or prospective members.

Operational and administrative management of our members' or prospective members' files.

The contractual necessity (statutes of the association) to process your personal data.

Management of the participation of the member or any guest in the activities and work of the Association:

For the purposes of organizing, holding and following up the activities and work of the Association, we will need to process the personal data of members or guests involved in these activities or work.

The operational and administrative management of the various actors involved in the association's activities.

The contractual necessity (statutes of the association, service contract, etc.) to process your personal data.

The consent of the invited person.

Activity of defense of persons in court :

We will process the personal data of individuals for whom a group action will be taken.

The management of legal actions initiated by the Association in accordance with its purpose (group actions).

The contractual need (mandate to act) to process your personal data.

Legal monitoring and communications activities:

We offer our members and anyone who subscribes to our watch to inform them about news related to the purpose of the Association and about the Association's news.

Legal information for our members and interested persons.

Disseminating our work and sharing information about our upcoming activities.

The consent of the person concerned.

Our legitimate interest in communicating with our existing members.

Application management:

We process data from people who have applied for a job with our association.

Application management.

The consent of the candidates.

Suppliers and service providers :

We use various suppliers and service providers, particularly for office equipment, event organization and room hire.

Administrative and financial management of our suppliers' and prospects' files.

The contract signed with the supplier or service provider.

Compliance with our legal or regulatory obligations.

Cookies :

When you use our website, it automatically collects certain information from the device in order to optimise your web experience. This data is also used for site visit statistics.

Further information on automated data collection and cookies is available in our cookie policy via this link.

Optimization of our website and monitoring of website visit statistics.

The legitimate interest of the DATA RING Association, with regard to the cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the site.

Consent of individuals for other cookies.

Merger or absorption:

In the event of future mergers or takeovers involving our association, information about you may be processed in the context of due diligence procedures during which the associations involved in the transaction or their professional advisors conduct a preliminary analysis of various aspects of the association in order to assess its assets and the steps to be taken in connection with the transaction.

Evaluation of the association and its assets

Legitimate interests of the association and third parties involved in the proposed transaction to conduct due diligence procedures.

Legal or regulatory obligations :

We may process your personal data in order to comply with legal or regulatory obligations imposed on us or requests from public and/or judicial institutions and authorities, or to defend our legal rights.

To comply with our legal or regulatory obligations and to defend ourselves in court.

The legal or regulatory obligation to which we are subject.

Our legitimate interest in defending ourselves in court.

5 - With whom do we share your personal data?

In order to ensure the efficient processing and security of your personal data, we will communicate them to our supplier and provider of IT, hosting and website management services, TOTEM NUMERIQUE, from whom we require sufficient guarantees regarding the protection of the personal data they process on our behalf.

Outside this framework, DATA RING will not transmit and/or disclose your personal data to third parties. Nevertheless, DATA RING may disclose your personal data in very specific circumstances, as listed below:

  • by law, in the context of legal proceedings, litigation and/or a request from public authorities;
  • if such disclosure is necessary for national security, law enforcement or other public interest purposes;
  • if such disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce compliance with applicable laws and regulations or to protect the Association's business and members.


6 - How long do we keep your personal data?

We will only keep your personal data for as long as is necessary to monitor membership and to provide the services and opportunities for which the data subject has joined or registered with the Association, taking into account the following criteria in particular:

  • The nature and purpose of the processing operations in question,
  • The categories of data processed,
  • The applicable limitation periods,
  • The applicable contractual provisions,
  • Industry standards,
  • The recommendations of the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).


7 - What are your rights with regard to your personal data?

Your rights in relation to our processing of your personal data include those set out below. These rights may apply to your situation depending on the exact circumstances. For example, the right to withdraw your consent will not apply where processing is not based on your consent.

These rights are as follows:

  • The right to ask us :
    • access to your personal data and information about our processing of it ("right of access");
    • to correct or complete your personal data if they are inaccurate ("right of rectification");
    • the deletion of your personal data ("right to be forgotten");
    • a restriction on the processing of your personal data ("right to restriction");
  • The right to object to the processing of your personal data by the DATA RING Association ("right to object");
  • The right to request your personal data in a usable electronic format and/or the transmission of this data to another organisation ("right to data portability");
  • The right to set out instructions for the retention, deletion and disclosure of your personal data after your death ("post-death instructions");
  • The right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data insofar as the processing is based on it. In this case, the lawfulness of the processing carried out before the withdrawal of consent will not be called into question.

If you wish to exercise the rights mentioned above, please send us a letter to the following postal address Association DATA RING, 40 rue du Japon, 31400, Toulouse, France, or at the following email address:

In the event of manifestly unfounded or excessive requests, particularly because of their repetitive nature, the Association reserves the right to either :

  • to charge a reasonable fee which takes into account the administrative costs incurred in providing the information, making the communication or taking the action requested;
  • to refuse to act on these requests.

The burden of proof that the claim is manifestly unfounded or excessive lies with the Association.

In case of reasonable doubt as to the identity of the applicant, the Association also reserves the right to request any additional information necessary to confirm the identity of the person concerned. Any additional documents sent will be sent via the secure Cloud set up by the Association, via the following link, allowing the deposit of files: Cloud DATA RING.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), whose website can be consulted at the following address:


8 - Where is your personal data processed?

All your personal data is hosted on servers located in France.


9 - How is your information secured?

We take care to ensure the security of your personal data by implementing enhanced technical, legal and organisational measures.

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