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« Just like clean energy,

we need clean data »


France Charruyer,

Data Ring President



Founded in 2017, Data Ring is a non-profit organization which provides a forum for experts from different fields to explore issues of civil liberties, privacy, IP, tech and security in the digital space.

The challenges of energy transition and the rationalization of resources and infrastructure mean citizens will need transparent and fair ways of understanding and responding to public policy choices in the years to come.

A high-level of public debate will be essential to ensure society can make informed choices and find acceptable compromises between data use, the protection of private freedoms and the public good.





Being a data citizen means being an informed actor in the online space: to refuse digital servitude and resist online discrimination in all its forms, including inequality between the sexes in the tech field.

Data Ring promotes academic research, responsible innovation and the right to informational self-determination. We aim to encourage public participation in the development of regulatory frameworks which are better able to respond to the needs of citizens, building on legal texts such as GDPR and the EU’s draft AI Regulation.





Data Ring aims to develop high standards of privacy and to develop local digital alternatives to centralization of data in the hands of a limited number of actors.

By adopting new practices and strategies, citizens, business and public authorities can harness the data economy to generate cultural, economic and democratic benefits for society.

To promote these goals, Data Ring offers a platform to raise public awareness and enable economic actors to structure and enhance their commitment to digital societal responsibility.




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