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A few years ago, buying bitcoin was considered bold and dangerous. However, crypto-assets have managed to gradually find their way into the financial portfolios of buyers. After the arrival of specialised start-ups, traditional financial advisors are starting to speak the "crypto" dialect! Explanations with the expert lawyers of ALTIJ.


What is crypto currency?

In contrast to traditional currencies known as "fiat" currencies, crypto-currencies can be defined as digital currencies that are exchanged "peer-to-peer", i.e. in a decentralized manner, without intermediaries, thanks to an encrypted procedure on a blockchain, which is understood to be a ledger.


Investment and speculation in crypto-currencies is at record levels, which has forced the tax authorities and legislators to take an interest in this phenomenon.

Around 15,000 crypto-currencies are involved in the development of this crypto-active environment, which has reached a value of almost €3 trillion by 2021.

According to a study conducted by KPMG and published in February 2022, 8% of French people have already invested and 30% of French people would consider acquiring crypto-currency. 

This craze for crypto-assets can be explained by a market dynamic similar to that of equities.  This speculative market allows start-ups to raise capital at an early stage and thus bridges the gap between retail and institutional investors. Thus, crypto-assets offer a high rate of return and improve the traceability of flows while redefining the notion of ownership.

In short, crypto-assets are revolutionizing the exchange of value on the Internet! So, do you want to invest?