« Privacy is good for business »



To understand the digital ecosystem, we need to address the challenges of privacyand the protection of personal and non-personal data.


Why become a Data Ring partner?


Becoming a DATA RING partner ,

means reinforcing your commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR).


After the upheavals of Covid-19, the period ahead is an opportunity for companies to put CSR issues at the heart of their concerns.

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is the process of integrating social, ethical and environmental concerns into your economic activity.

In a context of increased data usage with the accompanying risks of cyber-attacks and security breaches, the protection of personal data has become a CSR issue for companies.

Data Ring aims to promote and protect personal data and public liberties, through actions to raise awareness but also the development of norms and codes of conduct.

Digital technology is inextricable from our economic life. In a context of economic and environmental crisis, the use of more responsible modes of production, the protection of personal data, and awareness of cybersecurity risks to users are all issues that are part of a company's CSR policy.

By becoming a Data Ring partner, you can help build new business models, promote discussions about the impacts on society of economic activities and help limit the environmental impact of digital technologies.




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